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Dedicated to breeding, exhibiting, and enjoying world-class Arabian horses on many stages around the world, The Arabian Element is a life long journey of fulfilment enjoying everything the lifestyle of Arabian horse ownership offers and provides. The Arabian Element is a very special place. It’s a place where honesty, integrity, passion, and dedication all forge together, in one "element". The Arabian Element is the culmination of dreams, hope, inspiration, hard work, and determination. Home to a very impressive group of Arabian horses whose pedigrees represent show ring champions and champion producers from around the world, we are passionately focused on breeding and representing Arabian horses of extreme beauty and quality, Arabian horses that are capable of both producing and winning at the highest levels of competition around the world in both Halter and Performance. Our horses must not only be very beautiful, but they must also have tractable minds and be very athletic as well. Pretty athletes, a world Arabian horse for any path. We offer a world class Arabian horse experience, from the seasoned trail horse, to the competitive show horse, or for those venturing into the breeding aspect - a royally bred breeding mare, thoughtfully breeding and representing only but the most beautiful and selectively chosen Arabian horses.

My first introduction to the Arabian horse was in 1989, a close family friend owned an Arabian horse farm outside of Ottawa. At the time we lived in the city, and of course, every Sunday we’d drive out to spend the day up at “the farm”. The love affair of Arabian horses quickly engulfed my world. The love of my life, a 20 year old bay Flarigo daughter, “Bari”, quickly brought out the love of horses and the affinity of horse husbandry in me. As the years passed, I always looked forward to Sunday’s at the farm. Throughout grade school, my weekly school Monday journal entry always had something to do with Arabian horses and the time spent up at the farm. As with most horse-crazy-kid stories, I never had a horse of my own, but it didn’t stop me from loving and enjoying every moment. As some unfortunate life events face our family, priorities shifted and farm time became less and less. It wasn’t until summer of 2003 that my love for Arabian horses was reignited when I was able to finally lease a gelding to ride and enjoy. He was a snow-white giant and probably was the best thing to ever happen to me. This gelding taught me so much, about myself, and most importantly, he taught me how to care and love him. He was my very best friend through my early teen years and we enjoyed many victory passes together under saddle as well as success in the Halter division... but it was our quiet moments down the trail and in the barn that I most treasured. As I began to immerse myself in reading up and studying all I could about Arabian horses, pedigrees, breeders, and farms, using magazines and the Internet as encyclopedias – I started to absorb everything my memory would remember. It was October of 2002 that I attended my first U.S. National Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. From the moment I stepped into Freedom Hall, it solidified everything I felt about the Arabian horse and I knew right away that I wanted to share my life with Arabian horses.

IMG_0838Apollo El Jamaal, who I acquired as a six month old, was the path that led to the evolution of The Arabian Element. Sired by the Ali Jamaal son, *Jullyen El Jamaal, and out of the Brazilian National Champion mare, *Apollonia HCF (herself a full sister to *Ynazia HCF, the dam of International sensation Van Gogh AM) - *Apollo El Jamaal embodied so many of the characteristics I have come to admire in an Arabian horse. His charisma and attitude was very alluring, his presence and aura captivated you immediately, and his pedigree so rare to be found in any one individual. *Apollo El Jamaal is what dreams are made of. His ability to sire extremely beautiful foals echoed throughout the Arabian horse community which led to his sale and export to the Middle East where he went on to be crowned National Champion Senior Stallion of Jordan for his new owners (and my very dear friends) Mr. & Mrs. Kahook. Apollo's first foal for me (and the very first horse I bred) was a very beautiful chestnut filly by the name of *Sonjadora El Jamaal. Sonjadora is out of my Psymadre daughter Last Luv and was sold and exported to Europe as a weanling. The second foal by *Apollo El Jamaal, and again bred by me, was an extremely beautiful chestnut filly named Bettina El Jamaal. Bettina is again out of Last Luv. 2010 saw fruition of The Arabian Element and the success of *Apollo El Jamaal as a sire – Bettina El Jamaal was named Region 15 Reserve Champion Yearling Filly out of a beautiful class of top-notch show fillies. It is moments like these that make one so proud to be involved with the Arabian horse.

Many people associate me with the very successful ArabianCentric.com website, an international creative agency I developed to promote the Arabian horse lifestyle and to market and advertise Arabian horse farms from all over the world. What people sometimes don’t know or realize is that I am also a breeder of truly beautiful Arabian horses, advocating and involving myself in many aspects of our industry for the betterment and welfare of this incredible breed. My Arabian horse involvement has given me the opportunity to travel Canada, the United States, Europe as well as the Middle East. It has allowed me to witness and observe some of the most beautiful Arabian horses showing and breeding today. Travel has taught me much in that it has allowed me to see many horses and bring their pedigrees to reality, it’s allowed me to ask questions, establish friendships with some of the most wonderful people, and most importantly, it has given me a deeper appreciation and love for this incredible breed. It's also allowed me to experience other cultures and become informed about the world outside of Arabian horses.

The horses from our program have been sold and exported throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East - our program is gaining momentum and consistently attracting the admiration and interest of many breeders from around the globe. My innate ability to evaluate a horse both phenotypically and genotypically without bias has allowed me to develop a strong reputation for successfully breeding and marketing beautiful, true-to-type, and athletic Arabian horses with the characteristics and pedigrees to be successful and appreciated anywhere, both in the show ring and the breeding shed. The most important thing here at The Arabian Element is to always maintain the welfare and well-being of the Arabian horse first and foremost. We are so proud of our reputation and accomplishments and even more proud of the success our clients have achieved with our guidance. We continue to work hard at maintaining and establishing long lasting friendships with enthusiasts, breeders, and owners around the world. We are so lucky to share our lives with the proud and noble Arabian horse and we hope you enjoy this web site and use it as a tool to stay informed and keep updated on the happenings going on here at The Arabian Element. We invite serious inquiries on any of our sale horses and always entertain the idea of adding new horses to our program.

Come and share the journey of living the Arabian horse lifestyle!

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Braden & Sans Souci, a daughter of Amurath Saratoga
Apollo El Jamaal & Braden
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